I'm a "lifetime download member", but I've got to admit I have rarely visited lately with the ready availability of newer streaming platforms. What's good and what's bad after a week with my DE1+PRO! Maybe with the next round. And what about the crazy 6k$ priced Ceado E37z hero. Do you have an ideal or a decided "end game" scenario/point with the Decent? I'm also happy to answer questions here. Your email address will not be published. What makes Kafatek so good or better than say, EK43. -John from Decent Espresso. For five days after Thanksgiving, I toured Southern California with John Buckman, the head honcho at Decent Espresso. Coming to this profession as an enthusiast amateur, I initially embraced techniques like WDT, to hopefully improve my drinks. Our professional grade espresso coffee grinder comes integrated with our Doser. Their first customer, Pacefika Café, was in Montreal. I was a ZPM Kickstarter backer, and while disappointed, I'm totally OK with the way they handled themselves in spite of not being able to deliver on their dream. Decent Espresso Machines | 395 followers on LinkedIn. Shin, who runs Decent Espresso Korean, put this video together, showing how he explains what we do, to someone who knows nothing about us. These are literally hand-built by Denis and he obsesses over every little detail to ensure they each operate within a very tight spec. The Decent is a software-based espresso machine. what are some of the next big changes/updates that you are focused on for the hardware side for 1.5 or 1.6? our new rockstar mod is wasting no time! and also any chance you will be bringing back the full mirror finishes? Edit: ah right by gather I think you mean "think of" rather than "leave here in this thread". Then Matt Perger shows up, and his shots look great too. À la croisée de l'Italie et de Seattle. A basic introduction to your first espresso on your new Decent Espresso machine. In addition, the Decent is packed with sensors that show you what’s actually happening inside that group head. Decent Espresso news v1.40/v1.41/v1.42 are all identical to the customer, and all models and voltages will be made of v1.42. Learn how your comment data is processed. Required fields are marked *. Although the machine being designed by Decent Espresso is a clear departure from the original ZPM design, John still plans on honoring the goals and ideals originally laid out by the ZPM owners. Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood pulls a few great shots too. The only professional grinder now shipping with real-time weighing. That grinder looks like is next level. It seems like there's space to explore in decoupling the puck pressure from the grind, so you could have a turkish grind that still flows or a drip grind that still extracts under pressure. Site Sponsor. Any ideas to experiment with this? Great piece. He’ll be answering questions about Decent Espresso, general espresso best practices and more. With a traditional machine, this basket can be used to help calibrate the flow rate under pressure of your pump. My question: Do you see a future of fully automatic machines for the home user which can do just as well as current top end "manual" espresso machines for an affordable price, and if so when? Do you see value in being able to dewater espresso up to 65% Total Solids if all flavors and aromas could be retained? Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. It always amused me to see your name cross paths in two of my worlds...). View in your timezone:Thursday, January 14 at 8pm EST. John is a pretty big deal in the specialty coffee world and we are super honored to have him as a guest on the Craft Your Own Coffee podcast! If not, could Decent create some technology to fix the water its fed with by itself? John Buckman has graciously agreed to participate in an AMA this Thursday, January 14 at 8pm EST. Great questions, everyone, please keep 'em coming, and I'll use them to start the conversation. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. We caught up with Decent Espresso’s founder John Buckman and asked him to explain the technology that has the coffee world buzzing. I’d love for our little espresso machine to have an impact, but I don’t want to make any grandiose claims that we’re going to be as successful as Cropster has been. Excited to hear from John! 2 likes; Comment. And they cleverly take advantage of 21st century tablet technology, and marry it to 20th century scripting language technology, to expose the control logic of the machine to the user, for his information and alteration. Yes. œMy goal is to make a machine that makes espresso as well as the [ La Marzocco] GS/3 , but costs less than $1,000. The Coffee Compass. The best of both worlds. I wanna ask you a question about grinders. Hey guys, no need to post your questions here - sorry if that wasn’t clear. +1 for this. What's amazing is that it can brew espresso using pressure profiling, flow profiling, or a combination, and the barista can see the pressure, flow, and temperature curves in real time during a shot. I know it looks great next to the Decent (really, it's a match made in heaven) but one would assume that with the best, most advanced machine in the world you need the best, most advanced grinder in the world. Decent Espresso's Competition Spout Milk Jug. It can do true flow profiling, by controlling the pumps themselves. Mit Hilfe des technischen Talents der Hightech-Community von Seattle möchten wir die Vision davon, was eine Espressomaschine alles kann erweitern. Previously, our DE1+/DE1PRO models have used an off-the-shelf steam wand, and we've put a threaded converter on the end of it. Preinfusion ends automatically based on detecting water buildup above the puck. The Institute for Coffee Excellence hosted the first ever Philippine demonstration of the Decent Espresso Machines with CEO and Founder John Buckman and Bugs! It can effectively emulate the entire history of espresso machines (from Lever Machines all the way to Slayer). He cofounded the Coffee Compass mostly as an excuse to visit more coffee shops. Decent Barista Kit. Another thing I’ve found, which is hugely aggravating, is that great baristas prepare much better pucks than I do. The single hole recreates the effect of a perfectly-ground espresso puck, giving you similar flow and pressure characteristics. When the AMA goes live, I will temporarily sticky the post so everyone has easy access. I can do it because I’ve got a fancy computer-based espresso machine, but wow. Post Cancel >decentespresso. #310: Post by decent_espresso (original poster) » February 18th, 2021, 9:09 pm 10 minute challenge #2: latte, 2x DE1 (#2) This is my first attempt at making lattes as fast as I can, on two Decent DE1XL espresso machines. But, in my opinion as an engineer, they are the most honest about the pragmatics of packaging the necessary ensemble of pumps, heaters, sensors, actuators, and controllers into a sellable, and supportable, product. I can't really find too many ressources about this (except from other skins). Italy, meet Seattle. I’m John Buckman, Founder of Decent Espresso - AMA I dream up, design, code, and run companies (not always to make money) that cause some heck and which have a social benefit. But, there’s no product to sell there, since everyone already owns a milk jug! John Buckman here, the founder of Decent Espresso. Notre but est d'atteindre la qualité d'expresso des machines italiennes de calibre professionnel comme La Marzocco - mais avec une machine conçue pour la maison. What sort of take-up on the discount offer to Kickstarter backers did you get? Otherwise, no other hardware benefits. Teddy (der Vervollständiger) ist verantwortlich für die Endmontage aller unserer Maschine nach deren Testing. Have you ever considered an alternative design to the portafilter/basket/group head? The Kafatek grinders have an insane amount effort that is taken to ensure the precision of every single component is manufactured and milled within very tight tolerances. Congrats to John Buckman for seeing the product through the early years, well into production. Decent Espresso is a game-changing espresso and technology company focused on helping amateur (and professional!) To John and Harriet’s surprise, Decent Espresso has generated interest on a global scale. He’ll be answering questions about Decent Espresso, general espresso best practices and more. He’ll be answering questions about Decent Espresso, general espresso best practices and more. Bravo, Decent. Sign up for Free Updates from Just a quick look at a new espresso machine that arrived this week. It looks like the DE1 has pretty much everything above the puck under control, but using grind coarseness to control contact time and solubility together seems like an unfortunate compromise. Then, once the Decent showed me that WDT made my drinks less consistent (sometimes better, but often worse), I spent a year trying to develop a “grooming tool” that the Decent proved actually worked. 4 weeks ago. I’m impressed enough to have a Decent machine on order. Your email address will not be published. Der Decent Tamper Unser innovativer, auf 11,3 kg kalibrierter, perfekt passender Tamper. hi John - thanks for doing this. Did you keep any ongoing relationship with Zeb and Igor? This isn’t mean to glorify (just) Scott. i know before you mentioned the quality control issues you have with the panels, have you looked into ways that you can offer the panel to customers that really like that look on the machines? That data will help you objectively evaluate different approaches. We caught up with Decent Espresso’s founder John Buckman and asked him to explain the technology that has the coffee world buzzing. But none of those innovations are what makes the Decent the best espresso machine in the world. Potentially worth a cross post to r/coffee and r/barista as I they might have some interest too? Join Date: Aug 16; Posts: 1282; Hong Kong; Send PM; Share Tweet #2567. The number of HK cafés that show up on “top 10 cafes in the world” lists is really striking. Excited to hear from John! Their workshop in Hong Kong has had visits from World Barista Champions, coffee roasting experts, and coffee industry gurus like Matt Perger. https://forums.kafatek.com/t/why-dry-erase-marker-method-cannot-be-used-as-indication-alignment-on-monolith/4153, https://www.reddit.com/r/espresso/comments/kxjeyy/im_john_buckman_founder_of_decent_espresso_ama/. I know your question is for John, but I know the answer to this (and as a disclaimer I own a Kafatek MAX). Would be awesome to see a machine with multiple group heads and simultaneous steaming features. Puck prep is still really hard, but some people are demonstratedly much better at it. John Buckman, co-designer of the Decent Espresso machine that’s currently in production and on track for delivery in early 2017, is sensitive to his company’s position as a newcomer in an industry where reputation counts for a lot. I eventually gave up, because nothing I tried increased both quality and consistency. John Buckman has graciously agreed to participate in an AMA this Thursday, January 14 at 8pm EST. Do you hope to one day make a machine specifically suited for commercial use? New faces at Decent My apologies, I haven't had time to do any new programming in 2 weeks as I've been interviewing for new positions here. A few weeks ago, at MICE in Melbourne, on the same grinder and coffee, my shots were falling apart after about 15 seconds, whereas Scott’s shots held. Temperature is measured 2mm above the puck surface, so you can see the effect of your grounds and portafilter metal on your actual coffee infusion temperature. Denis goes into some depth here: https://forums.kafatek.com/t/why-dry-erase-marker-method-cannot-be-used-as-indication-alignment-on-monolith/4153. I had set up my DE1+ (which has flow profiling) next to their Strada and Scott had nailed it. Filed Under: Interviews Tagged With: coffee technology, Decent Espresso Machine, Hong Kong. What makes Kafatek so good or better than say, EK43. Michael Butterworth is a coffee educator, consultant, and writer. When the AMA goes live, It will be stickied so everyone has easy access. All our best-selling products in one beautiful suitcase. Even if you try to manually align burrs on an EK43 it still ways off from what every Kafatek can do out of the box. Rather than having a single way of making espresso, it is flexible. At this point, you’ve probably heard of Decent Espresso, the company that was built out of the remains of the failed ZPM Kickstarter, promising investors that they would get a café quality machine for $400. Next year, we'll make a v1.43 machine, and the only change planned on that model is how the tablet stand mounts. Please gather any questions you may have in the mean time. Why then do you keep using the Niche since is the bare minimum of quality grinders? Being software controlled, it also does things that are new to espresso, such as dynamically changing the water temperature in order to achieve a 1ºC accurate temperature at the puck itself. (Also, how's Magnatune going? He does what mass producers (such as Mahlkonig) cannot do. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There is no new feature in v1.42 over v1.40. -john. Decent is not the first company to tackle the low-mass solution to the espresso brewing problem. With a Decent espresso machine, this is useful for testing and perfecting espresso shot profiles. John and I did numerous machine demonstrations in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles. What’s blown my mind repeatedly is that there are really amazing baristas out there, who have managed to dial in their coffees with incredible finesse, with their eyes and palettes as their only tools. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Barista Jam gets my vote for classic espresso, while Coffee Academics do impressive things with their Slayer. Dear Coffee Buyer: The Ryan Brown Interview ». Any plans to use something more integrated instead of an android tablet? One exception: homogenizing the dose by using a milk jug consistently improved all my shots. this is exciting! This miracle machine is the DE1+, from the rather modestly-named Decent Espresso. Decent Espresso founder John Buckman hurt his wrist this way. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. How much benefit did you get out of the ZPM tech you acquired? That is the question tackled by the Decent Espresso machine. Decent Espresso founder John Buckman hurt his wrist this way, and Equator Coffee barista trainer Alexandra LittleJohn shattered her wrist. This miracle machine is the DE1+, from the rather modestly-named Decent Espresso. baristas figure out how to pull an incredible shot of espresso Every.Single.Time. How strongly did their ideas influence there Decent designs? Cookies help us deliver our Services. All this helps you become a better barista, and make better coffee. Unser Ziel ist es, die Espresso-Qualität professioneller italienischer Espressomaschinen, wie zum Beispiel der La Marzocco, zu erreichen - jedoch mit einer fürs Daheim konzipierten Maschine. Then a random barista gives it a try and blam, bad shot again (shadenfreude!). T... here's really more to your espresso than meets the eye as the Decent DE1+ shows you in real time exactly what factors contributed to the deliciousness of your coffee by displaying the water flow rate, temperature … « What’s the Difference Between Cold Brew and Iced Coffee? Why not, one reasons, heat up the two ounces of water directly, and pump it to the coffee grounds when it’s at temperature? By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The newly opened Amber Coffee Brewery, launched by a former Cupping Room local barista champion, is really impressive. Avoid these risks Our tamping cradle was designed to hold your portafilter in place, keep it level, and prevent it from rocking or sliding. I'll leave this here in any case! Italien trifft Seattle. So what is your take on grinders. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions! The Decent DE1+ is capable of pressure and temperature and flow profiling. For consulting enquiries please visit butterworth.coffee. What are your thoughts on such a change? Or perhaps more accurately, the machine promises to inform the user when channeling occurs, as well allowing for control and customization previously unavailable from an espresso machine. Can I just use tap water for coffee using the Decent machine? Pressure is measured at the puck, and you can actually see sub-second channels open and close as sudden wiggles in the charted lines. Flow is displayed, so you can see the effect of puck erosion as your shot progresses. It’s an awkward question that confronts every engineer that uses an espresso machine: Why am I heating up 7 pounds of brass for twenty minutes, so I can heat up 2 ounces of water for 30 seconds? Can shape of particles/distribution be mitigated to some extend with changes to flow/preinfusion to make identical shots from flats vs conical or bimodal to unimodal burrs. John Buckman has graciously agreed to participate in an AMA this Thursday, January 14 at 8pm EST in the r/espresso subreddit. We're grateful to all of the wonderful cafes that hosted our demonstrations. I realize this level of flavor and aroma retention was not previously possible with thermal evaporation or freeze concentration systems. Much of the received orthodoxy surrounding espresso is a random combination of tradition, hunches, and preferences handed down from barista to barista. Er poliert sie bis sie so richtig glänzen und verpackt sie mit Kinderhandschuhen, sodass die … I’d certainly be pleased if it happened, but we’re a new, small company, in a business space filled with giants and a lot of history. If so, what does that look like? Das Team hinter Decent Espresso. My mind was blown when I went to Ditta Artigianale in Florence, Italy), where Rao had consulted a few weeks before, and I found that Rao had managed to dial in the pressure profile on their Strada so that it provided virtually perfect constant flow profiling. En appliquant l'approche en ingénierie de la communauté high tech de Seattle, notre objectif est d'élargir la conception que les gens se font d'une machine expresso et de ce … I’ll send the ones that have been posted to John, but we can save the rest for the AMA . But a new piece of technology promises to usher in a golden age of enlightenment, in which espresso shots neither channel nor under-extract. Hi John, I currently don't own a Decent Espresso myself ( so I don't have access to stuff like the Basecamp that I know exists) but I've started looking into creating skins for the machine. When the AMA goes live, I will temporarily sticky the post so everyone has easy access. decent_espresso wrote:image New steam wand connection Starting today, we have a custom made steam wand, that has our connector built into it, so no converter is needed. [commodity Android tablets, and tcl/tk]. Your new espresso machine, the DE1+, has been making waves at coffee trade shows around the globe. Since you talked about on the last zoom call about the Kafatek being the best. However, there are Decent conversations happening in various places on this forum, among regular forum members, and I'd prefer to have the conversations remain there, and I'll keep out of the way. Hey John. So developing a tamping stand as well as a tamper that help avoid this risk of injury was one of his top priorities when he set out to develop a coffee machine for home baristas and high-quality barista accessories. It’s all nicely realized in the Decent DE1 series of products. I've created the AMA here: https://www.reddit.com/r/espresso/comments/kxjeyy/im_john_buckman_founder_of_decent_espresso_ama/? It’s not easy. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I really want a Decent Espresso machine. I'll be posting regular Decent news to this Marketplace thread. Peak pressure, puck erosion, channeling, as well as flow-rate-into-the-cup, are all plainly visible with the Decent. Wir … All this is available as presets that you tap-to-load, on the included tablet, and you can modify them to suit your needs. That way fresh tasting espresso could be shipped and stored as shelf stable syrup only needing hot water to be added in the future. For all the talk from coffee professionals about how coffee is a science, there’s not a lot of hard research, especially when it comes to espresso. Decent Espresso–with the promise of manufacturing a machine under $1000–will unveil their new espresso machines on a coast-to-coast tour.