Fashion trends Conception and realisation of a moodboard for a ready-to-wear collection Production process & … Master Fashion Management worldwide ! A masters refers to the completion of a graduate study program that prepares students to further their knowledge of a specific subject or advance their careers. ■ LOS ANGELES Home; Ranking by field of … Sign up to our monthly newsletter to receive regular content highlights direct to your inbox. Le Mastère Fashion Business & Luxury Management revêt un aspect organisationnel avec la logistique inhérente aux métiers de la mode. Brand management – Management de projets internationaux – Techniques de vente & négociations – Stratégie événementielle – Achats & Sourcing This specialization focuses on the marketing practices used in the fashion industry, including how new techniques are evolving and how you can most effectively keep up with these constant changes. Whilst fashion management isn’t as traditional an MBA specialization as, say, accounting & finance or entrepreneurship, there are a select number of institutions that offer it as a concentration (often alongside luxury brand management). You’ll enhance both your creative and managerial skills to become a dynamic business brain, and … Most Masters in Fashion Management programs include a module on the history of fashion, giving you background information to see how the industry has developed to its current stage. Scholars learn to study consumer behavior and work with designers to find out what it takes to sell products in the ever-changing fashion world. Stylism and production. COPYRIGHT 2020 - ISI EIDM | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Anglais – PAO – Coaching-communication – Développement des soft skills – Masterclass Read more! Master the art and science behind luxury and fashion management. You also need to be decisive, able to work under pressure and solve problems, and be able to work to deadlines. Gérer une entreprise qui prendra en compte l’innovation et l’anticipation. Production managers within the fashion industry are involved in events, coordinating public relations and travel arrangements. MASTERE FASHION BUSINESS & LUXURY MANAGEMENT Here are some examples of fashion management jobs you might want to consider upon graduating: Fashion marketing managers publicize and increase awareness of a particular brand, which could be a high street chain, a department store or a designer brand. To gain entry onto a Masters in Fashion Management, you’ll need to have a good bachelor’s degree. Masters in Fashion Management degrees are structured around gaining in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry, with an entrepreneurial and global focus. You’ll enhance both your creative and managerial skills to become a dynamic business brain, and be encouraged to ‘think outside the box’ and try new things. The Master in Fashion Management combines the study of fashion with an in-depth examination of its management side. You may want to consider roles in advertising, either in the corporate or retail side, which (like the fashion industry) is always changing and always open to innovative new ideas. They ensure that promotions are being run accurately and customers are receiving excellent customer service at all times. Le master en Fashion Management de l’IESEG School of Management s’adresse aux étudiants qui possèdent déjà une Licence dans n’importe quel domaine. EXCELIA GROUP, Voir les diplômes et équivalences All rights reserved. The Master’s Course in Fashion Collection Management builds a professional who has the right skills to manage the production area of fashion and luxury businesses. Fashion Buying and Merchandise Management. Digital techniques for Fashion – Gestion d’une collection – Tendances – Les sociostyles Le Mastère Fashion Business & Luxury Management est un cursus en 2 ans. If you want to become one of its top business brains, a Masters in Fashion Management degree could be for you, leading to many opportunities for fashion management jobs. you want to study in by taking our quick survey. Il cherche à développer une orientation dynamique afin de former des acteurs de haut niveau immédiatement opérationnels. Master in Fashion Management, or simply MFM, is a postgraduate program of 2 years that focuses on imparting knowledge and skills required to develop industry leaders and top managers in the fashion industry. Il s’agit de comprendre la dynamique d’un monde en mouvement dans une législation qui évolue. It’s definitely a good idea to become involved with these opportunities, to apply what you’ve learned to practical situations and increase your career prospects. See below for additional information regarding submission of transcripts and recommendations. Avec le Mastère Luxe de l’EIML Paris les étudiants acquièrent lors de leur formation des compétences théoriques et pratiques pour manager des équipes en France ou à l’international dans le secteur du luxe. Read on to find out about common Masters in Fashion Management degree types, entry requirements, specializations and career options. Vous serez donc amenés à comprendre les enjeux des postes de direction. Fashion Management is a specialized management degree that typically focuses on the business side of ... (LIM). Vous créez votre entreprise, votre application, vous organisez aussi un salon…, Programme accessible aux étudiants ayant un niveau Bac+3 (Bachelor, licence), Mastère Fashion Business & Luxury Management, Bachelor Fashion Communication & Marketing, Bachelor Communication & Marketing (3ème année), Bachelor Art Direction & Styling (3ème année). ■ Octobre 2021. Il prépare nos étudiants à une véritable expertise du monde de la mode en les formant à des postes à responsabilités. The Master in Fashion Brand Management is the most up-to-date program at Polimoda. All supporting materials must be received before your application can be reviewed. Toggle navigation. The objective of the two year Master of Fashion Management (MFM) Programme (erstwhile AMM), started in 1987, is to develop leadership and managerial talents in the fields of management, marketing, merchandising and retailing, honed specifically for the requirements of the garment export, fashion and lifestyle and retail sectors. Fashion management is a business-focused study of the fashion industry. We focus on sustainability and ethics throughout this UK master’s in fashion management. /sites/default/files/guides/lead-bg-images/fashion_management.jpg, Use at least 6 characters and one numeral. You’ll also gain a strong understanding of brand equity (the value of a well-known brand name) and consumer buying habits. Common skills gained from a Masters in Fashion Management include: Masters in Fashion Management degrees are structured around gaining in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry, with an entrepreneurial and global focus. Discover top fashion schools around the world. It is known for its visionary, active, creative and relational qualities, ideal for individuals sparkling with charisma. Here are some of the most popular specialized Masters in Fashion Management options: If you have a particular interest in the luxurious side of the fashion industry, for example in studying the management behind haute couture, then this specialization could be for you. Areas of study include fashion management, advertising, marketing and sales. ■  E-Learning : 8 990 €, exclusivement en Plan A, ■ 14 790 € / an Their role involves managing budgets, providing good customer service, managing people, promoting the business, planning and overseeing pricing and stock control, amongst other tasks. Gérer une entreprise qui prendra en compte l’innovation et l’anticipation. Combining fashion management with communication studies, this specialization teaches you how to create and manage a cohesive communication strategy with an ad campaign, events and a successful launch. Courses are one or two years long, depending on where you study. The fashion and luxury industry is complex, global, and highly competitive. Another specialized course offered at fashion schools and universities, this course focuses on providing you with multi-disciplinary skills in managing brands and products within the fashion industry. All applicants are required to apply online. The latter is likely to require more experience in fashion or business, whilst MA Fashion Management degrees tend to focus more on creativity in business, for example by creating a fashion magazine as one of the assessment tasks. La  2ème année « Business »  s’orientera davantage vers l’entrepreneuriat. Why Today’s Managers Need to Also Be Creative Innovators, Preparing Arts Students for the Workplace of the Future. Et de définir la stratégie la mieux adaptée à l’entreprise. Le cursus permet d’acquérir les compétences essentielles en management et en entreprenariat dans les différents secteurs de la mode. There are many master’s courses available which are dedicated to a particular specialization in fashion management. In contrast to the masters in luxury management: food, this program can be followed in multiple geographical zones. The Master in Fashion and Luxury Business Management at GBSB Global Business School in Barcelonais designed for students who are interested in business, management, and the fashion and luxury goods industry. Students will be shown a 360° vision of the business scene of the fashion system and all the job opportunities will be described to inspire, incentivize and direct candidates to the … ■ Le Mastère Fashion Business & Luxury Management s’articule autour des thématiques suivantes. Depending on the nature of your course, your fashion management degree could end with a dissertation, business project or other major research or consulting project. From 23,900 EUR. You’ll also gain an overview of marketing and communication planning, and how to use both traditional and new media forms to your advantage when running ad campaigns. Droit des affaires – Management des ressources humaines ■ 300 crédits niv VIII du cadre Européen. La  2ème année « Business »  s’orientera davantage vers l’entrepreneuriat. Some of your required application material… Production managers oversee textiles and clothing made at the manufacturing level. Entrepreuneuriat – Management d’une équipe – E-commerce – Gestion de la qualité – Merchandising Please tell us about the city you studied in or a city You will learn how to respond to changing consumer trends, generate brand awareness of a fashion line, and manage a fashion collection from … Previous work experience in an industrial environment is useful but not essential for entry to this role. La  1ère année « Management » apporte une expertise aux principes du management. Note: Students who wish to pursue their education in Management field or get a career boost, can check MBA course. © QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited 1994 - 2021. You learn to challenge existing paradigms in the fashion world and develop groundbreaking ideas for fashion … The fashion industry is constantly evolving and worth billions of dollars worldwide. MSc Strategic Fashion Management combines undergraduate and postgraduate studies, giving many opportunities for students to develop transferable skills which are highly demanded within the fashion industry. QS Quacquarelli Symonds Limited 1994 - 2021. Swiss Institute for Management and Hospitality (SWISS IM&H), Grenoble Ecole de Management - Grenoble GSB, Strong awareness of current trends/developments in the sector, Understanding the fashion industry cycle from product development to consumer, Find your perfect School and Program with our matching tool, Connect with other students on our forums. Nous encourageons les étudiants d’un large éventail de milieux académiques qui montrent un fort potentiel et un grand intérêt pour le monde de la mode à se joindre à nous. ■ Diplôme : Bac+5. Specialized fashion schools are most likely to offer the widest range of courses. What Do These Renowned Artists & Designers Think Of The Next Generation Of Creative Leaders? You’ll study customer communication, promotion and project management, and might develop your own personal project as part of the course, and/or take part in a work placement. Browse and compare fashion management degrees below that you can study abroad. You’ll learn how to use tools such as PhotoShop, Excel and InDesign, as well as learning about the structure of the fashion industry and gaining an overview of different business models within it. Online Course in Fashion Management Other options within this field of study: This one-year Master’s in Fashion Collection Management is a full-time intensive course which shapes students into experts in the product... Master's degree. The fashion, design and luxury industries are design-intensive and innovation-oriented industries, providing very good opportunities for growth in a hypercompetitive environment. La  1ère année « Management » apporte une expertise aux principes du management. ■ Formation Initiale Le Mastère Fashion Business & Luxury Management revêt un aspect organisationnel avec la logistique inhérente aux métiers de la mode. ■  Plan A (Règlement en 1 fois) : 9 790 € I feel that my understanding of fashion business has been raised to the strategic perspective of the company, rather than just superficial likes of fashion items in the past. Marketing événementiel – Relations presse et relations publiques – The school, which became LIM College in 2009, is home to ~1,800 students enrolled in associate, bachelor’s & master's degree programs in several fashion-focused majors. Studying fashion management abroad is a great way to develop the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a wide range of careers while also gaining valuable international experience and exposure to the fashion industry. Cette expertise est adaptée au secteur de la Mode et du Luxe. Voir les crédits. You’ll take part in debates on these topics and learn from an annual fashion sustainability forum. Milan, Italy 1 year. Vous créez votre entreprise, votre application, vous organisez aussi un salon…. Welcome to the big bad world of Brand Managers. This impact is long-lasting and shaping my thoughts very profoundly. The majority of masters are granted by state or public universities.Fashion management is a business-focused study of the fashion industry. ■ E-learning / Formation à distance (FOAD) Masters in Fashion Management degrees can be offered as Master of Arts (MA), Master of Science (MSc) or Masters of Business Administration (MBA) qualifications. The next of our fashion management jobs is ideal for people who have an interest in details and want a role which involves a great deal of multi-tasking and responsibility. You must complete all required fields and uploads prior to submission. The Master in Fashion Management teaches experts all about innovation in the world of fashion including project management, strategy planning and the basic principles of business management. Prochaine rentrée : The Master in Fashion Management transforms the classrooms in meeting points between great professionals of this industry and students. On campus. ■ Afin d’offrir un enseignement de qualité, nous avons limité le nombre de places par promotion. Other topics you could also specialize in include fashion design management, fashion merchandizing management, fashion retail management and more. All rights reserved. ■  Plan B (Règlement en 3 fois) : 3 000 € au premier versement puis 2 versements de 3 520 € (soit 10 040 €) Stratégie du marketing digital et e-reputation – Communication et publicité – Sponsoring et mécenat – Brand management ■ Formation Continue Graduate Diploma Fashion Management Combine creative and business knowledge and skills to develop a solid understanding of the fashion industry in this international course.